Friday, January 20, 2012

Information Technology and Pharma World - New opportunities for Pharma Graduates

Dear friends,

Today we are speaking about opportunities available for pharma graduates in Information Technology (IT). As all we know IT field have no bar and is use full in every where. In Pharma and health care IT is big opportunity. Here our interests in IT projects related to health care and clinical data management. As we are knowledgeable person about health care and clinical we can take interest in IT. Also Pharma people can work with Software Development team, because we know many things what is our requirements to develop right software product. Example, if we are trying to develop software regarding drug designing then we know receptors, physical and chemical properties, their effects hence we can work together for better healthcare system.

Its a great idea to learn some computer languages during your graduation and other important courses that can develop your skills and open the door of great jobs.

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