Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to become Medical Representative ?

How to become Medical Representative ?

To become a Medical Representative candidate should have good personality and language skills. choosing career as MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE have good scope in pharmaceutical industry. I am providing you some general FAQ about Medical Representative Interview's as follows,

1 How many system in a body?
ans: 10system.

2 enlist all of them?
ans; 1 skin & soft tissue
2 Muco-skeletal 3 Nervous system 4 Digestive system, 5 cardiovascular
6 Excretion system, 7 endocrine system, 8 reproductive system, 9 respiratory system, 10urinary system.

3 what is roll of medical representative?
ans: To promote a Pharma Product to Doctor and generate the prescription.

4 Define Pharmacology?
ans: Study of Mode of Action, side effect & Uses of Drug.

5 Define Pharmaco-Dynamics?
ans: What Drug dose with body?

6 Define Pharmaco-kinetics?
ans: What body dose with Drug?
like absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion.

7 Define Drug?
ans: is the chemical substance use for Cure the diseases, for diagnosis, for treatment known as a drug.

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  1. Medical Representative is having good opportunities for science graduates. Many of people doing well while the started career as a Medical Representative. Many professional classes and coaching is available to give proper training required for this job. Try it sure you will get the best career option.

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