Monday, April 27, 2009

frequentally asked question in interveiw?

Become a Medical Representetive

as per tital,
here you finde frequentally asked question in interveiw,
is like that,
1 How many system in a body?
ans: 10system.

2 enlist all of them?
ans; 1 skin & soft tissue
2 mucoskeletal 3 nervous system 4 diagestive system, 5 cardiovascular
6 excrition system, 7 endocrinine system, 8 reproductive system, 9 respiratory system, 10urinary system.

3 what is roll of medical representetive?
ans: To promote a Pharma Product to Doctor.

4 Define Pharmacology?
ans: Study of Mode of Action, side effect & Uses of Drug.

5 Define PharmacoDynamics?
ans: What Drug dose with body?

6 Define Pharmacokinetics?
ans: What body dose with Drug?
like absorpton, distribution, metabolism, excrition.

7 Define Drug?
ans: is the chemical substance use for Cure the deseases, for dignosis, for treatment known as a drug.

Carreer As Medical Representetive

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